Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS Excellent quality Battery Replacement

replacement Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS battery
replacement Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS batteryreplacement Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS battery
ISO-90001 ISO-90002

6 cells 9600mAh Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS Laptop Battery Replacement

6 cells 9600mAh Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS excellent quality battery uses an intelligent control chip, which comes with higher performance and reliability, longer run-time and battery life. Built-in protection circuitry ensures its stability and safety, fast charge but slow power consumption.

  • SKU : IEB1606
  • Condition : Replacement, Brand New
  • Voltage : 7.2V
  • Capacity : 9600mAh
  • Cells : 6 cells
  • Cell Type : Li-ion
  • Color : Silver
  • Size : *mm(L x W x H)
  • Availability : In stock
Note : 7.2V and 7.4V are compatible, they are in common use.
Product Description
High quality, High standard

Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS Excellent quality Battery Replacement

Strong endurance , power saver, use good cells to do laptop battery - Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS Excellent quality Battery Replacement.

Features of Our Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS replacement battery:
  1. Each Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS replacement battery unit is made of high-quality lithium-ion cells for longer last time.
  2. The battery is up to standard and fully compatible with original specifications.
  3. All our batteries are certified by CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 as safe products.
  4. The interface metal and fixed insulator of the battery are made of good materials to ensure stable current input and durability.

We specialize in providing high-quality batteries. The Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS Battery has passed tests according to Security Standards to ensure battery's quality. The interface metal and solid insulators of thePanasonic CF-VZSU0RJS battery are made of Premium materials to ensure stable current input and durability. Round-sealed package ,faster delivery and thoughtful after-sales service will make you feel assured to purchase.

Security Technology

Multiple Protection Features, Safe and Worry-Free.

  • overheating protection
  • short circuit protection
  • over discharge protection
  • overvoltage protection
  • overcurrent protection
  • overcharge protection
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Please confirm your laptop battery and laptop model and check the appearance of the battery before placing an order. If you are not sure about your battery part number, you can contact our online customer service in time to avoid delays in your use. Regardless of any problems you encounter during the purchase process, please contact us in time and we will be happy to help you with your problem.

Compatible Battery Part Number
    Compatible Laptop Models
    • CF-SZ5
    • CF-SZ6
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    shipping within 24 hours
    After your payment is successful, we will arrange delivery within 24 hours.

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    We promise, the new Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS battery Can be used free for 30 days, not satisfied with direct return.

    1-Year Warranty
    We offer a 12-month warranty to replace the Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS laptop battery! In the meantime, if your battery fails due to quality problems, we will replace it with a new one for free.

    100% Security Payment
    We focus on the protection of personal privacy information, and we have taken all steps to ensure that your shopping experience is safe and secure, buy Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS replacement battery with confidence!


    Q: The Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS battery has been installed several times, but laptop can't boot up?

    A: Carefully check if interfaces of the computer and the battery are correctly connected. If the cause of loose contact is ruled out, please contact the after-sales customer service to ensure that the battery part number and laptop model are matched.

    Q: How to store the Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS battery if you won’t use it for a long time?

    • 1It is not a feasible way for you either fully charge or fully discharge battery if long term storage. Security risks will generate if under a fully charged state, while both cells and control circuit protection lock will be deactivated if under a fully discharged state. So you’d be better store the Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS battery at a half fully charged state and keep it in a cool, dry place. 20 degrees Celsius is the optimum storage temperature.
    • 2Install and run Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS battery as often as possible(at least once a month) so as to ensure its availability and avoid power drain.

    Q: How to extend the life of your Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS battery?

    • 1Please fully charge your laptop before using it for the first time. Because the Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS battery is normally shipped in a partially-charged state. Please cycle your battery pack by fully charge (more than 12hours) and discharge(less than 10%) for 3-5times to reach maximum rated capacity.
    • 2Please don’t discharge battery to 0%, which is the most common reason among faulty batteries. It will damage battery if the laptop usually works at a critical power level ( below 3%).
    • 3Charge the battery before it runs to 20%. It is scientifically justified that charging battery at 20% till 80% will extend battery life to the longest.
    • 4If your Panasonic CF-VZSU0RJS battery won’t be used for a long time, please charge it once a month and keep battery power over 50%, remove it from your laptop and store it in an antistatic bag in a cool, dry place.